About iSpin

iSpin’s goal is to encourage strength, elegance and a balanced life for men and women. Designed for all ages and fitness levels by qualified dance and fitness professionals. Our classes are about getting fit in a fun in a safe and supportive environment. The exhilarating nature of aerial fitness ensures that the classes trick you into exercise – everyone’s dream! The iSpin instructor team brings a wonderful mix of gymnastics, personal training, exercise physiology, aerial acrobatics, dance, pilates, fitness and zumba qualifications and experience.


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Hoopla @ iSpin

We are excited to announce the arrival of Hoopla classes at iSpin, which are aerial acrobatic/stretching classes using soft lyra, or aerial hoop. Become entwined and enchanted as we combine balancing and stretching with the strengthening and exhilarating components of aerial arts. It is Beginner level so very accessible to those completely new to aerial fitness/dance….Stretch Yourself!