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Please email info@ispin.com.au if you would like to book a private class!

Certified and registered instructors for the International Pole Dance Fitness Association


elevatED- Higher education for the physical and aerial arts

KT cert


We will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know! No experience or fitness level required.


iSpin is open and running as per usual. Student health and safety is our number one priority. We have gone to great measures to ensure our premises and staff are up to date with recent protocol.

We are still offering both Live-stream and online classes for those who are still in isolation or out of state, please swing us an email if your interested! info@ispin.com.au

All Term 7, 2020 enrolments have been rolled over to current and future courses. If you are affected by this please email iSpin to organise your next booking.

Please remember to arrive 10 minutes early and bring your face mask. You will not have to exercise with them on, only when navigating around the studio. If the waiting room is full, just wait outside the door and we’ll open it up when your class is ready to go in.

Thank you for your ongoing love and support. We couldn’t ask for a better family xoxo

Stay in touch, stay safe.. and watch this space!


Due to the current climate, aerial equipment suppliers are getting smashed with orders. If you are unable to find equipment to buy, fear not! Sling’s, Lyra’s and exercise equipment (ie, swiss balls, therabands, yoga blocks, yoga mats, crash mats, hula hoops) is available for hire. Just click HERE for a quote!

Yes Pleaser!

Retail therapy always helps in times of need!
If you’re not already aware, iSpin is home to all of your shoe needs! Pleaser is a well established and reputable brand with an enormous collection of shoes ranging from gorgeous every day shoes, all the way up to ludicrous 10″ high heel monsters!

The full Pleaser catalogue is available at in studio, or at www.pleaserusa.com

all we need is your shoe size (in USA) and SKU number or screenshot of the shoes you would like to purchase. Just choose, email through your order to info@ispin.com.au and we’ll send you a quote!

Shipping usually takes between 2-7 working days to arrive, so jump online now to have a squiz!

Help keep our studio by purchasing an iSpin voucher!
You can purchase one for yourself or a friend to redeem. Just swing us an email for more info! Full customisation on the voucher is available.

Vouchers can be used for anything iSpin… Classes, workshops, merchandise, private studio hire, shoe sales, gripping agents and more!

As always, we would love to hear your requests or feedback! 

Love from the iSpin team