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Pole Dancing

Pole dancing combines dance, basic acrobatics and fitness. At iSpin we take elements from various dance forms, pole fitness, Chinese pole and circus performance. There are four levels of pole dancing at iSpin, plus VAMP for those seeking a more exotic style.

Your pole class will include warm-ups, pole tricks, cardio fitness, strengthening and flexibility. You’ll also learn a full routine throughout the term, combining pole moves and dance choreography so you can put your newly learnt tricks into practice! Every five-week term is different!

Please arrive 10 minutes early for all classes, especially the first one so we can introduce and familiarize you with the studio.

What to bring
Pole dancing clothes aren’t just fashion statements! Skin sticks to the pole, so the more skin exposed the better. Wear short shorts, as you will need as much of your legs and knees uncovered as possible. Wear a comfortable top, such as something you’d wear to the gym (a singlet may be preferred to a t-shirt, again so that more skin can be used).

Bring your own small pole cleaning cloth (microfibre) or you can use our reusable cloths in the studio, a perspiration towel and a water bottle. Barefoot or sneakers is the norm.

Most students pole barefoot. In regular pole classes, sneakers may also be worn, or you can try heels in week 5 for an extra challenge! If you don’t have heels you can borrow some of ours. iSpin has 4 levels of pole; beginners, bridging, intermediate and advanced.

Beginners pole
This is the basic 101 introduction to pole – no experience or fitness level required, only a willingness to have fun! Beginners pole is open to all abilities, genders and fitness levels. You’ll learn basic pole moves from the floor, while building your confidence in gripping and spinning on the pole as well as a routine incorporating dance and pole tricks so you can try out your new moves.

Bridging pole
Take the leap to bridging! Bridging is the next level up where you become more comfortable going upside down and learn to hold weight-bearing moves.
If you’re unsure whether you’re ready to move up to bridging, talk to your instructor before class or send an email to

Intermediate pole
In Intermediate you’ll spend more time upside down and progress to more complex tricks, combinations and transitions, such as inside and outside leg hangs, fluent inverts and climbs. This level is a challenging strength and cardio workout. 

If you’re unsure whether you’re ready to move up to Intermediate, talk to your instructor before class, or send an email to

Advanced pole
This class is aimed at a high-intermediate to advanced level. There’s plenty of inverts, fast spins and longer, intricate combinations. The routine is aimed at an intermediate level with the option of harder extensions. 

At this level, we don’t assume you’ll be able to accomplish every move. For example, you may favour more strength-based moves compared with flexibility moves or vice-versa. However, it’s a great opportunity to challenge and perhaps even surprise yourself!

If you’re unsure whether you’re ready to move up to Advanced, talk to your instructor before class, or send an email to

Paying a deposit

If you are wishing to pay a deposit only, please Click Here. 

Casual Classes

Casual classes can be arranged by emailing 

Bundle to save!

Signing up for multiple classes provides you with enormous discounts! 
Bundle discounts are calculated when you view the cart or checkout.

2 Course Bundle costs $200 saving you $80!
3 Course Bundle costs $270 saving you $150!
4 Course Bundle costs $300 saving you $260!

Unlimited Course Bundle 
Students need to enrol in a minimum of 5 classes to qualify for the Unlimited Course Bundle. This bundle costs a maximum of $400, saving you more than $300! To take advantage of this offer, please email to arrange which classes you would like to book into.