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How do I book?

See the Timetable/Prices page to choose your class, use the Online Booking Form to book and pay as per the Contact Us page of our website to secure your booking.

What is Sling?

Sling is our newest style of aerial class, which uses silky fabric hammocks mounted at an overhead point. The sling is used for strengthening, balancing, stretching, inverting, strengthening – you will become twisted and entangled in an aerial yoga experience! You may have seen this style of aerial acrobatics in the circus, and it has been discovered that working with this apparatus gives a great core and upper body workout, helping to sculpt abdominal muscles. It is also said to be good for the joints since it does not put pressure on them. Instead, the slings allow the joints to be stretched without any compression on them.

Are there age limits/restrictions for attendance?

14 is our minimal age. You must have parental permission if you are under 18 (champagne not included for under 18’s in private parties). There is no maximum age limit for participants.

What sort of equipment does iSpin have/sell, and do you have to share Poles/Slings in class?

Our poles are 38mm brass, spinning and static. All equipment is permanently mounted. Our slings are fabric hammocks (Tricot material) each mounted at one point from the ceiling with a swivel so they spin! The Slings can hold over 400kgs. During Aerial (practice) Times excessive numbers may involve sharing equipment. In regular classes you will have your own apparatus.

Does Pole Dancing require sexiness?

Not at all! The majority of iSpin instructors have sporting, gymnastics and/or dance backgrounds and they have all come across Pole since it has emerged into mainstream fitness. Pole is a fantastic strength and cardio workout and iSpin focuses on having FUN. We guarantee a laugh and it is up to you how cheeky you make it.

What do I wear?

You will need to be comfortable and ready for a workout so wear gym gear and remove jewellery. For Sling classes it is best to wear long pants and a t-shirt with sleeves (to protect your skin from rubbing against the fabric). Shorts are preferable in the pole classes as skin is needed to grip the pole! Classes such as strength n’ Stretch and hoopla has similar attire to sling, nothing too baggy, maybe something you would wear to the gym. We recommend 3/4 shorts. For all classes bring a sweat towel.


For Sling, definitely NO shoes… For Pole wear what you are comfortable in; sneakers, dance shoes, gym shoes or go barefoot. You can also bring along some heels to wear during the routine in the final week of term!

Where can I park?

There is ample parking in front of the building.

Can I bring my camera or video camera along to classes and parties?

To protect the privacy of our staff and students we do not allow students to use their own cameras or video cameras during normal class times. In a private party one camera can be supplied by your group to the instructor and the instructor will take some photos for you.

Will I be co-ordinated/flexible/fit enough?

The best thing about all our Sling and Pole Dancing classes is that it does not require any dance, aerial experience, fitness level, flexibility or sporting experience. These classes are for everyone and over the 6 week term you will develop all of the above!

Do I attend class on a public holiday?

Yes – all classes run as per normal.

What do I do if I miss a class?

If you know in advance that you are going to miss a class please email us to arrange to ‘make it up’ as we allow a make-up class subject to availability. This is on top of the free weekend practice sessions, which are designed as make-up sessions but students are welcome in any Aerial Time class whether they miss their normal class or would just like extra practice time.

Can I wear jewellery during class?

It is best to take off all jewellery to protect yourself and our slings/poles!

What do you advise I use to grip to the pole?

We recommend not wearing moisturiser/bronzers or anything oil based on your body the days that you attend our Pole classes. It is much easier to grip the pole with clean, dry hands (wash with hot, soapy water). We provide hairspray and shaving cream to put on your hands and legs to assist with gripping, as well as microfibre cloths and metho spray for wiping the poles. For further grip assistance we recommend Dry Hands which is a sports grip that we have on sale for $20 at iSpin. We also have Pole Fitness Training Gloves for $25.

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