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Bungee Fitness

In bounce you wear a harness attached to a bungee cord (think giant rubber band). Bungee is a ‘weightless’ work out, suspending your body whilst training and learning an aerial trick or two. It helps improve your agility, core strength, balance, cardio, technique and coordination.

What to wear:
Leggings and a top that is suitable for a workout, plus sneakers or go barefoot. Bring a perspiration towel and water bottle. You can bring your own yoga mat or use one of ours.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for all classes, especially the first one so we can introduce and familiarise you with the studio.
*Note there is a 95kg weight limit to participate in this class due to equipment manufacturing restrictions. The Bungee can fit a waist circumference of 97cm, and thigh circumference of 70cm. There are no weight limits on the rest of our aparatuses.*

Paying a deposit

If you are wishing to pay a deposit only, please Click Here. 

Casual Classes

Casual classes can be arranged by emailing 

Bundle to save!

Signing up for multiple classes provides you with enormous discounts! 
Bundle discounts are calculated when you view the cart or checkout.

2 Course Bundle costs $200 saving you $80!
3 Course Bundle costs $270 saving you $150!
4 Course Bundle costs $300 saving you $260!

Unlimited Course Bundle 
Students need to enrol in a minimum of 5 classes to qualify for the Unlimited Course Bundle. This bundle costs a maximum of $400, saving you more than $300! To take advantage of this offer, please email to arrange which classes you would like to book into.